On the Hunt for A Christmas Together

Summer greetings, Christmas fans.

I'm on the hunt for a copy of John Denver and the Muppets' "A Christmas Together." I want to submit a proposal to the 33 1/3 Series on this particular Christmas album and figured a good place to start would be trying to find a copy of the long-out-of-print Christmas special.

Likely the proposal will be rejected (I'm 0 for 2 with them). But even if it doesn't work out, it will become a chapter in my book on the history of popular Christmas music.

The hunt begins. Updates to follow.

In the meantime, some personal musings on music, baseball, and politics (often at the same time) over at my personal blog.

The full LP cover of A Christmas Together.

The Guitar: Will Oldham Interviews Sir Richard Bishop

I read and listen to most anything Will Oldham (Bonnie "Prince" Billy) puts his name to, and this interview was no different. From the Oxford American (one of the best print magazines published today), Oldham speaks to Bishop about his newest acquisition: a travel guitar with mystical qualities. Sir Richard Bishop was unknown to me, but his latest album, but his latest album, The Tangier Sessions, is out on Drag City

Sir Richard Bishop, "Bound in Morocco"

Shameless Plug #1 :: Vox Music Player

If you're like me, then iTunes is just kind of the music player you deal with because you own a MacBook. But friends, there is another option that I prefer: the Vox Music Player. Everything about this, so far, makes me want to take it for an autumn walk on the pier and propose to it on bended knee. Straight from a company called Coppetino, Inc, this player is my go to for all things music on my laptop. Now, it's available as a direct download from the site: grab it here

Tell me what you think about it in the comments. It integrates with Soundcloud and last.fm, and plays formats like FLAC and WAV that are, of course, not supported by Apple. But, if you can't quite let go of your abusive relationship with iTunes, it syncs with your iTunes library. 

Let me know what you think in the comments. Happy listening. 

The Vox Music player from Coppertino, Inc. 

The Vox Music player from Coppertino, Inc.